The Action Master was introduced in 1991 to provide a dedicated solution to the challenges of Bianchi-Cup. Combining features from our range of PPC and “compensated” Practical revolvers, the model developed to become a specialised entity in its own right. Designed to allow the shooter to take full advantage of the barricade, whilst keeping the gun stable and the support hand in a safe position. A shaped underlug fits the palm of the support hand and allows forward pressure onto the barricade. An adjustable finger stop on the top of the barrel aids stability. A “wing” allows the revolver to be held firmly to the barricade. A three-chamber compensator reduces recoil for faster sight acquisition. An adjustable “Mover Mount” allows the shooter to pre-set the degree of “lead” required for the moving target match by angling the sight line relative to the bore. Extended-butt  grips are used to raise the sight-line for prone shooting.

• 7” x 1.25” diameter Match grade barrel  Slab-sided

• Sprung ball-lock to the crane for tight cylinder lock-up.

• Cylinder aligned, timed and tightened

• Cylinder chamfering for speed-loaders.

• Tuned double-action

• Adjustable trigger stop with rubber damper to cushion the over-travel at

  release to reduce trigger snatch.

• Adjustable “Mover Mount” for moving target shooting.

• Hogue Rubber Monogrip (optional extended Butt version available)

• Available in Stainless steel, built on Smith & Wesson L-Frame only

• Available on “selected” used frames with forged steel components or on a

  brand new frame with MIM components.


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