I have been working with Chiappa of Italy since last year to develop a fully UK-legal Long Barrel Revolver which weighs and balances much like a "normal" revolver.

The Rhino is machined from billet on CNC machinery, and all the components are made in-house, even the grips.

This is an innovative design which fires from the bottom chamber of the cylinder. The result of this is twofold

1. That the recoil energy is directed almost straight back along your arm which reduces muzzle rise considerably

2. The stress on the frame during firing is at the bottom so the breech face has very little load on it at the top. This means that the frame can made from Aluminium and be very much lighter


What this means for the shooter is that we can have an LBR that is lighter than a standard 4” Smith & Wesson 686 and balances better than a conventional LBR. Single handed target shooting is now a viable option for even the smaller competitor.

The standard 120 DS model is a 6-shot and will be available in either 9mm or .38/.357. All have the original sight radius of the 60DS Rhino, so are legal for WA1500, but with a 12” barrel and grip extension, factory fitted in Italy. The Rhino 120DS is proofed in Italy as a standard model, and imported as a Section 1 Long Barrel Revolver.

All are cut for the supplied full-moon clips, or can use L-frame speed loaders in the case of the .38/.357.  The standard sights are Fibre-Optic front and rear with the option of plain black target sights.

An anodised aluminium sleeve is fitted to reduce the visual impact of the 12" barrel.




Chiappa Rhino 120 DS specification:

• 12” 1:12” twist barrel

• Black anodised Aluminium barrel sleeve

• Electroless Nickel finish

• Adjustable Fibre-Optic sights

• 9mm (with full moon clips) or .38 / .357 mag (can fire loose rounds, or with full moon clips, or from an L-frame speed loader)

• Walnut grip in Large or Medium

• Weight 1155g

• Price £1498



• Adjustable Black rear sight with patridge front sight

• Matt or polished finish Carbon Fibre barrel sleeve

• Black Anodised finish on whole gun.

• Custom Cerakote finish

• Double-Action only conversion

• Double-Action tuning  kit with lighter trigger pull and skeletonised hammer





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