A mainstay of production since its introduction in 1989, the Match Master 3 has been our most popular model. Developed to fulfill the requirements of 1500, Police Pistol and Precision events.

• 6” x 1” diameter Match grade barrel

• 4oz (114g) removable barrel weight

• Sprung ball-lock to the crane for tight cylinder lock-up.

• Cylinder aligned, timed and tightened

• Cylinder chamfering for speed-loaders.

• Tuned double-action

• Adjustable trigger stop with rubber damper to cushion the over-travel at

  release to reduce trigger snatch.

• Aristocrat 3-position sight rib. With option of steel / aluminium and available

  with integral “weaver” rail.

• Hogue Rubber Monogrip

• Available in both Blue and Stainless steel, built on all Smith & Wesson

  Frame sizes (except .357 magnum K-Frames)

• Available on “selected” used frames with forged steel components or on a

  brand new frame with MIM components.

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