The Match Master Supergrade was developed to satisfy the specific needs of the top UK 1500 shooters. The concept was to provide the maximum weight, but with a low side-profile to reduce the effect of cross winds. Placing the weight to the side of the bore reduces the torque effect and produces a more vertical muzzle flip. This allows faster sight acquisition between shots. The sight rib is reduced in height, and machined into the barrel for a lower sight line. There are two versions of the Supergrade. The Supergrade 2 (shown) was developed specifically for Jim Brown one of the best and most respected PPC shooters to come out of the UK. He led Team Wilson-Parker Hale to dominance in UK and International PPC matches. Jim was a great man and a great friend, who is really missed since his untimely death. The Supergrade 3 was developed from the Supergrade 2 specifically for Ken Grime, a Champion PPC and Bianchi-Cup shooter. He was probably the most successful member of Team Wilson-Parker Hale. He wanted more weight! We left the barrel at its full 1.5” diameter, and replaced the slab sides with ball-nose cuts either side of the sight rib.

• 6” x 1.5” (38mm) diameter Match grade barrel  Slab-sided

• Sprung ball-lock to the crane for tight cylinder lock-up.

• Cylinder aligned, timed and tightened

• Cylinder chamfering for speed-loaders.

• Tuned double-action

• Adjustable trigger stop with rubber damper to cushion the over-travel at

  release to reduce trigger snatch.

• Aristocrat 3-position sight rib. With option of steel / aluminium. Low

  mounted into the barrel

• Hogue Rubber Monogrip

• Available in Stainless steel, built on Smith & Wesson K / L Frame size

  (except .357 magnum K-Frames)

• Available on “selected” used frames with forged steel components or on a

  brand new frame with MIM components.

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