The Match Master 6 LBR represents my vision of what a Competition Long Barreled Revolver should be.


Having developed the 120DS LBR with Chiappa of Italy there had to be a Match Master version. The barrel shroud has been replaced with a taller version which accommodates any standard competition sight rib designed for a 1" barrel. We have chosen to fit the Aristocrat 3-position ribs which are available in four variants (steel or aluminium with or without integral scope rail). The use of "standard" sight base allows the Match Master 6 LBR to be legal for WA1500. To enhance speed-loading with full wadcutters we have deleted the moon-clip cut from the cylinder and then chamfered the chambers. The chamber is .38 Special so as to reduce the bullet jump within the cylinder and reduce the potential for leading. The trigger mechanism is further developed to lighten and smooth the action, and a rubber trigger stop is fitted. There is room for further customisation for weight and balance with either removable barrel weights or the use of other materials for the barrel shroud. Finish is a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) grey, which is a nitride coating applied over all the major components. It is incredibly hard wearing and offers good protection.

The Match Master 6 LBR specification:

• 12” 1:12” twist barrel

• Custom Barrel shroud

• Carbon Fibre barrel sleeve

• Grey PVD (nitride) finish

• Aristocrat 3-position sight rib (Aluminium)

• .38 Special only (uses an L-frame speed loader)

• Chambers chamfered for Wadcutters

• Double-Action tuned

• Adjustable rubber trigger stop

• Walnut grip in Large or Medium

• Weight 1280g

• Price £2100.00



• Aristocrat 3-position sight rib (Steel)

• Aristocrat 3-position sight rib (Aluminium) with scope rail

• Aristocrat 3-position sight rib (Steel) with scope rail





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